A “Standby” or “Primary” power generator system is your best assurance that, no matter what is happening outside with the weather or your local utility provider your power will always be there without interruption.


Types of Systems:

Engine-driven generator systems can be designed as a “PRIMARY” power source for your energy needs or as a “STANDBY” or emergency system.

  • “PRIMARY” systems run at a lower engine speeds for a longer working life and requires a built-in overload capacity to handle occasional surges in the demand for power.
  • “STANDBY” systems are the most commonly used as backup power in a utility grid failure.

While the generator itself is really “the heart” of a standby power system, it must be matched to all the right components to give you the best combination of reliable power, fuel-efficient operation, long life and ease of use.

Key Benefits of Generators:

  • Peace of mind to know that your family has secure power even when you’re working late or out of town
  • Peace of mind to know that while you’re at your “other home” for the season, that essential heating, sump pumps and security alarms are keeping your home safe from burst pipes, flooding and intruders.
  • 100% dependability for those that rely on medical life support equipment and accessibility aids
  • 100% dependability for your office equipment, databases and communications to keep you in business when others are closed

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