MicroFIT / FIT

Solar power has the potential to provide over 1,000 times world energy consumption. Solar power and Greenside Electric provide a complete solution for your energy future.

Here’s how it works:

MicroFITThere has never been a better time to go solar. Under the FIT and microFIT program your local Distribution Company (LDC) onbehalf of the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) will pay you a guaranteed fixed price for all the electricity your solar system produces over the next 20 years.

Once your solar system is installed you will receive a cheque from your Local Distribution Company (LDC) on a monthly basis.

The FIT program is designed for medium to large commercial systems greater than 10kW.

The microFIT program is designed for residential systems up to 10kW.

At Greenside Electric our customer care team will oversee all the paperwork including pre-assessment, LDC and OPA applications, engineering and building permits to the final inspections and connection to the grid.

Key Benefits of the FIT and microFIT programs:

  • Reduces your family’s carbon footprint
  • Provides 20 years of reliable income from the Ontario Power Authority which is fully transferable if you sell
  • A solar purchase is a financially smarter investment than fluctuating Stocks, Bonds, GIC’s or Mutual Funds
  • Systems once installed require little ongoing maintenance
  • Solar panels typically last up to 30 years or longer and have no moving parts
  • Proven systems that stand up to and perform in the unique requirements of a northern climate and surrounding areas
  • Engineered roof attachment systems that minimize integration impact and allow for on-going roof maintenance

Designed for Efficiency

We know every solar application is different. We will suggest the optimal solar system based on your home or business architecture combined with your financial requirements. We will provide you with design plans that contain specification sheets for all system components, such as the solar panels and inverters for the project.

We will also provide you with a full financial model from Natural Resource Canada showing you clearly your return on your investment.

Quality Installation

Greenside Electric’s professional installers will construct your system to the highest standards. We use only the highest quality solar panels and inverters. Once we complete the installation, we will schedule an inspection with the utility company for final approval for connection to the power grid.

Get your application in early to secure your best rate of return for the future. Greenside Electric is pleased to announce flexible payment options provided to TD Financing Services.