Energy Audits

Green SavingsAn energy audit is an inspection, survey, and analysis of energy flows in a building conducted to identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions while maintaining or improving human comfort, health, and safety in a building.

An Energy Audit should tell you three things:

  1. It will tell you about your current energy consumption.
  2. It will tell you about your potential to save energy.
  3. And it will help you to prioritize your actions.

The energy audit should give you clear visibility on energy consumption and cost. This means it should provide you with a simple, comprehensive overview of all the types of energy that you are using, and their cost. It should also break out the energy consumption by users so that you know where and when the energy is being used. Secondly, it should identify your energy conservation opportunities. It does this by telling you how energy is used and wasted, and describing the energy saving alternatives that could be adopted. Thirdly, the audit will also provide an energy management plan including recommendations with cost-benefit analysis as well as prioritization of best practices, quick wins and easily implemented solutions.

Greenside Electric offers customized energy audits for commercial, institutional, and residential buildings. Our professional consulting services will help you reduce energy consumption in your existing home, or to help you build-in energy saving upgrades into the design of your new home. We can also help you access government rebates for energy saving upgrades.Contact us for a free quote.