Referral Program

Step 1Step #1: Register Your Name

Call or email us to register your name as a “Tell a Friend Referral” team member.

Step 2Step #2: Register Your Friends or Family Members’ Names

Email us the names and contact information of people you think might be interested in installing a grid tie solar system.

Step 3Step #3: Greenside Contacts Individual(s)

Greenside will contact the individual(s) to setup a site visit.

Step 4Step #4: You Receive $300 After Installation is Complete

Once your referred customer has paid for their system in full and the system has been installed, we will send you a cheque for $300.00. … Simple!

Want to Earn More Cash?

Green Savings

Refer 2 friends that each purchase/install system, earn $600.

Refer 3 friends that each purchase/install system, earn $900.

Refer 4 friends that each purchase/install system, earn $1,200.

And so on…

For all other referrals such as Electrical, Net Metering or Off Grid you receive $100.00 after installation is complete.

InformationProgram Rules:

Only grid tie system sales of 5 kilowatts (5,000 watts) or larger. Only new customer referrals qualify for this program. Customers who have already placed deposits or who have already paid in full do not qualify as a referral. Customers who have previously contacted Greenside Electric for a quotation and/or customers who have placed a deposit or have paid in full and then cancelled their order for any reason also do not quality as a referral. In cases where duplicate referrals are submitted, only the “Tell a Friend Referral” registrant that submitted the referral first shall qualify for the $300.00 referral fee.

Submission Priority shall be determined by the “sent” date and time indicated on the confirmation email mentioned above. Only one $300.00 referral fee shall be paid for each referred system sale. The maximum referral fee shall be $300.00 per referred sale and shall be paid in the form of a cheque in the name indicated in writing by the “Tell a Friend Referral” program registrant. Referred customers must purchase and install a grid tie system within 6 months of being referred to us in order to qualify for this program. This is a limited time offer and may end without notice. Morguefile creative FSpeler – Online Casino Spellen