Bringing Solar Power Systems to Huntsville & Muskoka

With rising energy costs and demand lowering the entry price for solar power systems, Huntsville and Muskoka families and businesses have never had a better opportunity to become energy independent. Greenside Electric is proud to be the largest solar power installation company in the Muskoka region. 

Light energy harvested through photovoltaic solar cells provides one of the most sustainable sources of energy. A solar power system can greatly lower or eliminate your reliance on traditional, utility-based electricity.

Benefits of Solar Power

Some of the main benefits of having a solar power system installed include:

  • Energy costs reduced or eliminated
  • Independence
  • Great for the environment
  • Solid investment
  • Clean, reliable energy
  • Great warranties

If you’re considering a solar power system installation in the near future, we’d like to discuss options that are favorable to your budget and long-term power needs — call Greenside Electric to speak with a solar power systems expert.

Put it Back on the Grid

Do you have a solar power system and a backup power bank? Greenside Electric can get you started with net metering so you can earn credits by putting electricity back on the grid.

Earn Credits

Ready to Get Started? Call Greenside Electric today to discuss your solar power options!


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