Create a Power Solution for Off-the-Grid Living

Storing Solar Energy and “Ditching the Grid” 

Today there are three main options to help you achieve energy independence: wind power, hydropower, and solar power. Among these three, solar power is by far the most practical for most homeowners and businesses.

Designing Solar Power Systems for Off-Grid Use

Greenside electric design will custom design and off grid system that will generate power when and where you need it; if you want to truly live off-the-grid, then you will need to have a solar panel array, battery bank, and inverter. On properties where a new utility connection are unfeasible or prohibitively expensive, a storable solar energy source can save you thousands of dollars, all while supply all the power your home, business, or cottage requires.

The Battery Bank

The core of an off-grid electrical system is the bank of batteries. Trickle-charge energy banks — sometimes described as “electricity buckets” — allow you to store electricity generated from your solar power array (or other alternative source).

The Inverter

The energy stored within the battery bank is converted into AC power through something known as an inverter. The inverter regulates the voltage and amperage output of the electricity so it can be used during non-peak solar periods or outages.

As a Backup Energy Source

Off-grid battery banks can be used alongside grid-based systems. This type of setup gives you the opportunity to have emergency backup power during power outages.

Off Grid Generator

An off grid generator is typically used as a solution for automatic backup power in alternative energy systems.

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