Adam Prince & Paula Gregg

October 13, 2013

Thank you for your help servicing our Solar Power System. It is comforting to know there is a support network to help us with our off-grid needs.

Sincerely Adam Prince & Paula Gregg

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving!

Chris Spencer

March 5, 2013

Re: Greenside Electric

To whom it may concern;

Over the last year, Greenside has completed a number of projects in my Huntsville home; including;

  • lOkw roof mount solar system (microFIT)
  •  Energy Audit
  • Significant wiring up-grades and miscellaneous work

I’ve been entirely satisfied with the quality of the work,and my overall impression of Greenside is very positive . Greenside staff is knowledgeable ,timely and exhibited professional and courteous behaviour throughout the various stages of completed work . I will continue to use Greenside for all my renewable energy and electrical requirements in the future and would recommend them highly .

Please feel free to contact me directly,should you have any additional questions related to Greenside. Regards,

Chris Spencer

234 Mineral Springs Road Huntsville, ON PlH 2NS 705 .789 .8885

Gordon E. Riddle and L. Acton-Riddle: Bracebridge, Ontario

March 4, 2013
Re: Letter of reference

To whom it may concern:

We confidently recommend Greenside Electric to anyone needing electrical work
or contemplating the installation of solar panels. The company’s founder and
president is Don Taylor, an experienced businessman and entrepreneur. Don
has been an active member of the communities he’s lived in by giving back as a
volunteer member of several charity boards helping children and their families.
From the initial meeting with employees of Greenside Electric in the spring of
2012 we were impressed with their knowledge, experience, and professional
approach to our micro-fit solar project. They provided for us a realistic projection
of the project’s timeline, cost, and financial return. They were thorough and
friendly, which put us at ease from the start. The quality of advice, dependability
of service, and openness were apparent at every step of our turn-key operation.
We feel that Greenside Electric is truly a trusted leader in the industry.

Linda Acton-Riddle & Dr. Gordon E. Riddle

Jason McCleod:

Good morning Don,

I wanted to inform you that Steve did an excellent job here. Very professional, courteous and conscientious in regard to the cleanliness of my house, carpeting and not letting pets get outside. I thought you should have some feedback in regard to his efforts.

Jason McCleod

Yvonne Todd:

To whom it may concern:

We have recently had Solar Energy panels installed on our property and would highly recommend Greenside Electric.

There knowledgeable and caring staff will take care of your every need. Starting with your initial visit Don Taylor will explain in great deal the benefit of Solar Energy, to Peter Ewald who will come to your home and select the appropriate site for the panels to setting up all the necessary accounts with Hydro One and the OPA.

Dealing with Greenside Electric will be a stress free experience.

We would highly recommend ONLY Greenside Electric for all your electrical needs.

Yvonne Todd.


To whom it may concern,

I contracted Greenside Electric to install a 10Kw microFIT Solar Panel power generation system on the rooftop of my house.  Right from the beginning, they were very attentive to my needs, and they worked to make sure that i was pleased with the installation at every step of the way.  During the installation, they would show up at the time that they promised, and throughout the installation process, were very clean, as well as very careful as to ensure that the entire installation of the solar panels, inverters and related wiring was done with minimal impact to the aesthetics of the house.

They provided me with a spreadsheet that gave me information on how much power this system would generate, based on overall exposure, and the location of system.  This helped me decide to install the system, and also gave me a good idea of when the system itself would pay itself off.  They did mention that they use a conservative model, when they generate this spreadsheet.

I would highly recommend using Greenside Electric, based on their abilitiy to install the system on-time, and their overall cleanliness.  I have had the system operational now for 2 months, and generating power back into the Electrical grid. So far, the system is outperforming the initial estimates of power generation that Greenside had provided to me in their spreadsheet.  So far, I’m very happy with the system.

Cheers, Mike